Jubilee Treats

Here’s some little no-pain, if sadly, more weight gain ones for those of us who love an excuse to celebrate (and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee needs no excuse really). This is what we’ll be nibbling and sipping on the Bank Holiday weekend.


I find nothing makes me feel so festive as a few savoury treats, something sweet and something bubbly plus of course a nice cup of tea to finish it all off.   My daughter’s flat lacks an oven which restricts us a bit, but I know there’ll be devilled eggs, radishes with the best French butter we can find, cucumber, smoked salmon and shrimp sandwiches, quails eggs with plenty of salt, Battenberg Cake (from Melrose and Morgan), scones (from Gail’s if we’re lucky and get there early enough) with Tiptree’s strawberry with champagne jam and clotted cream, Nigella’s Cornish Champagne Cocktail from the Bramley and Gage website (only I’ll substitute Prosecco for the Camel sparkling wine):


Cornish Champagne Cocktail
From Nigellas Christmas 2008 by Nigella Lawson.

Ingredients: (Makes 6)
6 x 15ml tablespoons Quince Liqueur
6 La perruche pure cane rough cut sugar Lumps
75cl Bottle Camel Valley sparkling wine

Place 1 sugar lump into each champagne glass (saucer style is best). Pour the Quince Liqueur over each lump to soak it. Top with the sparkling wine.

and finally pots of F&M Royal Blend tea because it really is very good tea indeed.


4 thoughts on “Jubilee Treats

  1. I wish I could get myself to Melrose and Morgan when we are in London. I have been wanting to try Battenburg Cake since both Verity and Hayley (Desparate Reader) posted about their homemade Battenburg successes–and of course how could I forget the Battenburg episode of the Great British bakeoff. If I buy the packaged kind at Waitrose will it be terrible? Or maybe I should wait and try and find it on our countryside journey. I could never live without an oven.

  2. Love this post. I’ll be working over the bank holidays but have some Fortnum and Mason marmalade to celebrate with anyway. It has gold leaf in it and is my favourite jubilee purchase to date.

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