Friends and Frocks

Thomas, Miranda and John

Seeing the beautiful dresses at the V&A Ballgown: British Glamour since 1950 exhibition and its permanent collection was a real treat on Sunday, but even nicer was meeting up with the charming Thomas of Thomas of My Porch and his husband John. It was the second time Miranda and I had been lucky enough to meet Thomas on one of his trips to the UK, and we were especially grateful we’d been able to grab some of their precious London time. Thomas and John are as friendly and engaging as Thomas’ blog portrays, and I smiled over the way John calls him “Tom”, as I can barely think of Thomas without “of My Porch” echoing in my brain  and “Tom” sounds so endearingly informal. Thank you Tom and John so much!  It really was so much fun to spend time with you both. Now, of course, Miranda and I want to meet their adorable dog Lucy Jane in the flesh as well!

Image from here

Many of the ball gowns (especially the ones from the 50s) were absolutely stunning, a few contemporary ones were outright weird, but all were great for discussion. I watched an old newsreel and was fascinated to see how much older some of the catwalk models were than those we see today. It was lovely to wander through the permanent exhibits too and, of course, there was time for a piece of cake. It was my first real outing since getting out of hospital so I happily sat and waited with my Kindle for Miranda to have a good explore around. No hardship there! There really is something in every nook and cranny and ceiling of the V&A at which to look.

I was especially happy to see Miranda get away from her desk at the weekend too. She’s been spending nearly all of her not working hours frantically studying for an exam in July (I get tired just watching her fill in dozens of filing cards with notes to memorize), but she happily scrubbed the ink off her fingers and brushed up, choosing a vintage inspired Rachel Riley pansy print dress from the spring collection for the occasion. I think it just fit in perfectly with the V&A’s British Design 1948 -2012 exhibit too. As I sat there, I thought back to our frequent visits to museums when she was a child and how I’d little realised then how much fun it would be when she was older. Now I get the pleasure of doing exhibitions companionably with her. It makes all those “No! Don’t touch the Ming Vase!!!” moments every parent with little one in tow has very worthwhile indeed!


10 thoughts on “Friends and Frocks

  1. I’m excited about meeting Thomas (I can’t think of him as Tom!) again at the weekend – in the Randolph, donchaknow, which will make me feel horribly unclassy I’m sure!

  2. She does look lovely! And I cannot wait to catch both exhibitions soon. I just entered the stage where Freddie wants to run into sculptures and touch every painting so I am thinking Science or Natural History Museum, lunch in the V&A garden and then off to sleep to let me indulge in some pretty dresses.

    • They were fab Aga esp the ball gowns! I think your cunning plan re Freddie v good idea! Surprisingly it wasn’t horrendous on Sunday, perhaps because everyone was in parks? And lovely and cool in the air conditioning!

  3. Thanks for the nice post. We had a lot of fun spending time with you both. After we left you we spent the majority of our time in the ceremics rooms. So much to look at. There should be lots of pictures posted soon. Thanks again for the Battenberg and the book. The cake was delicious and the book made me wish we had planned more time in London.

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