How to Read Aloud to your Kids


Painting: The Scrap Book by Frank Dadd (Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum)

I had to share this article as it made me laugh out loud so heartily I got stitch!

My favourite is #9

Finish every book, even if kills you. Or your kid.

Some of my happiest memories of Miranda’s toddlerhood were when we’d finish breakfast, ignore the mess and plop down on the couch to read a pile of books she’d drag over. I always used to feel slightly guilty: like I should be getting on with stacking the dishwasher, doing the laundry, maybe even doing some dusting! Now I know those were golden hours. I first read about the link on the great blog my daughter raved about, Dinner: A Love Story hereJenny’s book, which I’m waiting for impatiently, has just been published and celebrates another somewhat “old-fashioned” concept – sitting down to eat with your family every day all together. However big your family is, however difficult it is to get together for one meal at the same time, I do believe she’s right about stressing the importance of the family meal. Even if you’re like me and frequently eat alone, I do think it’s important still to sit down, to eat something tasty and to make the table look nice. I notice it even if my head’s buried in a book and good food, however simple, makes me appreciate every bite.


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