Sew Fun


Freddie, Aga and Miranda

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday in spite of the rain, rain and more rain as Miranda, Aga with her adorable Freddie to keep his Mum on her toes, Kristina and I all met at Petersham Nurseries Teahouse for tea/coffee and chat. How nice to have three of my favourite bloggers all together, and Miranda was also glad to be able to show Kristina the dress I had made from a piece of Liberty fabric she had very kindly given her. A lovely teahouse with delicious cakes, Petersham has the advantage of its greenhouse seating areas. Even with the cold and damp, we were cosy and the smell of jasmine was heavenly.


Sewing something practical is a great project to speed recuperation as there’s only so much sitting about and reading I can bear before I start getting fidgety, and the last dress I made for Miranda must have been at least 16 years ago. High time to see if dressmaking is like riding a bike!


Perhaps, in retrospect, starting out with an old Very Easy, Very Vogue pattern (hah Very Easy hmmm! fully lined,16 darts in total and a zipper) might have added more challenge than I’d really anticipated, and of course I’d forgotten as much as I’d remembered: carefully shortening the bodice and length to allow for my daughter’s petiteness and then forgetting that would mean a shorter zipper (made do with the one we had in the end) and a rather high slit at the back that had to be hastily sewed up again. Never mind I muddled through, and Miranda was so pleased we’re already talking about what she’d like next. Fabric was Liberty’s Coral Toria Tana Cotton Lawn. Liberty fabric has a wonderful silky feel – such a treat to sew with. 


8 thoughts on “Sew Fun

  1. That’s very impressive! It’s so long since I’ve had the sewing machine out, I’m not sure I remember how to use it. Well done for making such a pretty dress.

  2. It must be nice to be talented. I once went to a wedding where the matron of honor showed up two sizes to big for her dress. I was fascinated to watch the bride’s aunt and two or three other women spring into action. They went to the fabric store, bought material and a pattern, came back to the house and six hours later had a dress for her to wear. Thankfully there were no other bridesmaids so they didn’t have to try and match the dress to anything. And, I remember, they used upholstry fabric so they wouldn’t have to line the dress. That is the kind of knowhow that impresses me.

    • Thank you Thomas, but rather embarrased by “talented” as I don’t feel it! Eeek what a nightmare! Weren’t bride and matron of honour so lucky to have the Aunt and friends able to leap right in and save the day!

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