Sunday Lunch for 2

My daughter’s flat lacks an oven so it can be a real challenge to make a Sunday Lunch that feels different from every other meal. Let’s face it the Sunday Roast of Beef is out unless we pop to one of the excellent pubs in Hampstead. 


On Sundays she tends to position her George Foreman “Lean Mean Grilling Machine” in all 10″ sq. of counter space, and we grill a cut of meat. I spent many years in Canada and am a fan of “The Best of Bridge” range of cookbooks. This is a recipe that always works, can easily be halved and doesn’t need a huge list of ingredients. Also it isn’t a fussy recipe: if I don’t have fresh ginger, I substitute some ground; no rice vinegar? white wine vinegar or even lemon juice will work just as well. I do prefer a sweet chili sauce to a hot one here (Sharwoods or Stokes are both good) and find it keeps in the fridge well and can then be popped into a chicken stir fry or mixed with greek yoghurt for a dip in the week. You can pop the steak in the marinade any time the day before or first thing Sunday morning. I like a campari and fresh grapefruit juice over ice whilst I fiddle about getting it together. Happy Sunday and bon app. everyone!


ImageRecipe and Photo from here

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