Sun, earth and sea

The sun shone this morning, and I picked The Land Beneath My Feet to write to a friend and realised again how much joy this artist’s cards give me. They’re a true bargain at £21 for 14 different cards, including p & p.


Print, Durdle Door by talented Dorset artist, Liz Somerville


Truthfully, this tote by Susannah Hunter is more of a “bag to last you many years” purchase, but what a joy it would be to own. I love all of her more typical floral designs as well, but am especially taken by this one. The colours in real life just pop, and it’s oh so strokeable. There’s a lovely Susannah Hunter shop in Bloomsbury right down the road from The People’s Supermarket (cakes worth carrying home), Persephone Books, The French House (local source for the wonderful Poterie du Don earthenware), Ben Penreath (great source for covetable gifts, wrapping paper and prints) and Bea’s (neighbourhood cafe to have your cake, eat it too and admire your purchases/read your latest Persephone Book. Their iced lattes in summer are just right).


Taboule, Poterie du Don, ovenproof dish, available at The French House and also beautiful in blued gauze


Print of Eric Ravilious’ Chalk Figure Near Weymouth, available at Ben Penreath’s

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