Summery Treats


Glorious Knickerbocker Glory (we shared!) from The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason, before their recent makeover, the treats are still as good as ever though!

June, in our family, is the time of year to indulge in ice-creamy treats. Strawberries and cream for Wimbeldon? Yes, indeed, but even better to my way of thinking is a Strawberry Sundae made extra delicious with fresh English strawberries drizzled with a dollop of Cointreau, meringuey crumbs layered in between the fruit and the heavenly strawberry gelato in a takeaway tub from Slice of Ice in Hampstead – all topped with freshly whipped heavy cream. That’s the sort of sundae you can eat whilst watching James Garner fix a milkshake for Sally Fields in the sweet eighties film, Murphy’s Romance.


Time to rinse out the tall sundae glasses (tucked away up high) and dig to the back of the drawer for the long spoons and aim for Sundaes on Sunny Sundays whether at home or out and about. Fresh gooseberries, topped and tailed, stewed and generously sweetened, good vanilla ice-cream, with elderflower jelly (an old favourite is to use 6 tbsps St Germain, half a bottle of sparkling wine and 2 sachets of gelatine) and whipped cream on top is pretty delicious too. 


10 thoughts on “Summery Treats

  1. Sounds delicious!
    I am a little unnerved by the picture of Sally Field – I only know her as the matriarch in Brothers and Sisters, so the stone-washed jeans weren’t what I was expecting!

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