Back again

Enforced break there as I got used to being back at work full time. Feel I must be a rather slow learner healer –  the recuperation from a relatively simple surgery seemed to take forever. Never mind, back to normality now and enjoying everything to the full again.

Elizabeth Wein

How wonderful it has been to discover two, “new to me,” women writers over the past fortnight.  Gillespie and I by Jane Harris and Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein are very different books, but similar in that both are wonderful examples of the unreliable narrative voice. Both are hard to talk about without giving away important details of their plots, but I promise they are page-turners par excellence. With each, the minute I finished the last page, I zipped back to the first and started all over again. I’ve been urging friends and relatives alike to rush out and get their own copies and start reading! These are the sort of books that are just too good to enjoy alone: you want to share the joy and be able to find out what others think.


Jane Harris

6 thoughts on “Back again

    • Isn’t it? Simply a wonderful book! Spoiler
      I have so many questions. Harriet’s relationship with her step-father is so very odd. Did she attempt to seduce him so that he ran from the family home and divorced the mother? Is he frightened of her? And hmmm botulism? How likely is that? Did H resent her mother losing the stepfather and their descent into poverty? And how did her Aunt die? It was just so convenient for her suddenly to be free and have sufficient funds to be able to hot foot it to Glasgow and encourage a handsome young artist. We know she pocketed the stud after all. I found it positively sinister and seriously creepy I must admit. Now have The Observations to read on the train to London tomorrow – really excited about that too!

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