Treats to treasure

Whether to read or simply to pour over, two nice discoveries this morning.

On my Kindle, a pre-order arrived:


Looking forward to reading this tenth book in the Gill Cunningham mystery series. Pat McIntosh writes convincingly (at least to me!) of medieval Scotland. I especially like the descriptions of Gill’s household and the characters of his intelligent French wife Alys and her kindly father, a master mason by trade.

I try to have a random look through the marvellous BBC site Your Paintings most mornings. You can set up your own BBC id here and save your favourites so that you can browse amongst them, display them as a slideshow etc. I have an affection for the domestic scene, and here’s a lovely example from the nineteenth century German artist Friedrich Eduard Meyerheim. He was surely a master of bedding with the lovely detail in those plump, cosy quilts and blankets, and he captures perfectly the shiny and delicate looking pendulum clock on the wall and the little girl’s curiously far-forward plaits, as well as the adjoining workshop with father absorbed in his work.


Grandpapa’s Favourite

2 thoughts on “Treats to treasure

  1. The BBC site is new to me, so I am going to explore now. Thank you for the link. I love your choice – that little girl really does look like Grandpapa’s favourite.

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