a little bit of sunshine in my life


Watery sun breaking through grey clouds here in Dorset this afternoon. Just the right sort of day to read books whose lightness and warmth fair whips you away to sunshine, mild thrills and gentle romance. I have two on the go: Mary Stewart’s sun-drenched Provencal thriller is a re-read, but I’ve just been given the lovely gift of an Elizabeth Cadell book and am also immersed in her romantic thriller set in sun-drenched Portugal and England, The Fox from his Lair. Both novels feature young boys who influence the heroine’s choices, obviously for her own good! 


4 thoughts on “a little bit of sunshine in my life

    • Know just what you mean! It was Teacups and Butterflies mentioning that very book which prompted me to look up others were women go off holidaying in sunny climes. I can always sink into that one too – such a wonderful book!

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