Mapping things out

amapoftheworld_web_12Fortunately, while I admittedly have made a lifelong habit of never, ever being able to follow a map (I still quake and squirm if asked to map read!), I don’t mind getting lost in the least. I’ve found some wonderful new places that way. And whilst I love those app’s on other people’s phones, the ones that lead you exactly the right way, I have a genuine fondness for the pictorial map. This book from the German publisher Gestalten looks right up my alley in fact:

A Map of the WorldOne of the contributors is Famille Summerville, a company that do the most beautiful paper cut illustrative maps. I just love their style and patterns and am seriously hankering after these tea towels from them:


Un Dimanche à Paris Tea Towel

Hmm is it a bit sad to hanker after tea towels? The nice thing about them is they inevitably get tatty and wear out, and then what a cheap and cheerful way a new on is to brighten the kitchen – certainly beats painting the walls!


Manhattan Tea Towel

4 thoughts on “Mapping things out

    • In Canada, when I was young it was called a “hope chest” 😉 Fabulous idea anyway just for the fun of getting stuff for your own place. And whilst I’ve never got to slim or rich enough, I can attest one can never have enough teatowels!

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