Shrove Tuesday Cheating

Semlor bunsPancakes for two or three or even four I can do, but for a crowd or in Shrove Tuesday quantities I start to lose the will to live! You can buy crepes of course, but they’re such a pale imitation of the real thing – I end up thinking I’ve neither used up anything in the fridge nor used my hard-earned ££ wisely. Not the sort of cheating in fact I feel is worth the deceit.

Now what is (for me!) are Scandinavian Cream Buns. Made from scratch, which I’ve done, (this recipe here online is delicious, my tweaked cheat version below) they are just to die for and what a wonderful Scandi tradition! I’m too lazy though to go to all that fuss for just me and a couple of friends so have worked out an acceptable cheat version I’m happy to share. You want some nice sweet soft type buns (the best you can find). I find 5 is about right for the two or three of us normally. I’ve spent years looking for cardamon spiced ones, but have never been lucky enough to find any so I just go for buttery and soft from my local bakery. Just before you want them, cut off the tops and place to one side, scoop out the bread in the base with teaspoon, leaving shell and mix crumbs in bowl with 50g really good marzipan (my favourite is an Odense one they sell on Ocado) and 50ml of best quality (bought!) custard. Spoon mixture back into buns then shake up a tin of Isigny Ste Mere Creme a la Vanille de Madagascar (what would I do without Ocado?) and use the squirty cream to fill in the top attractively. Bun lid back on and then dust with some icing sugar through a sieve. Eaten off my prettiest china with cups of strong black or creamy coffee on the side, they’re about my favourite pre-Lent treat.

4 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday Cheating

  1. Oh, they sounds so delicious Donna! In Poland we do Greasy Thursday, just passed, and make our own doughnuts. They are different to the ones we buy here but Freddie and I headed to Polish shop and had our traditional ones.

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