Living Vicariously!


Miranda and Rachel (aka theoldfashionedgirls) are off to York for the day, and I’m so looking forward to hear about their adventures! I’ve only been to York once, but it made a very favourable impression indeed. I’ve urged Miranda to eat up at Betty’s and bring back one of their delicious Simnel Cakes.

9 thoughts on “Living Vicariously!

  1. No doubt they will be full of stories, Donna! I’ve never had Simnel cake but every time I flip through a recipe book and spy it I make a mental note to get one baked. As you can tell my method isn’t working all that well…

  2. Fond memories of Bettys from my university days. Hope they find Little Bettys which is the nicest to sit in. That cake looks amazing … I’m sitting here with a cup of tea and I could murder a Bettys fat rascal.

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