Furlongs in Art

furlongsI have just returned from a lovely two-days-and-a-night break with Miranda and Rachel seeing Lewes, Charleston and Rodmell for the first time. East Sussex is a place I’d long wanted to visit, but had some how never got there. I didn’t have time to research much before we left having just suffered the loss of my much loved Uncle who passed away peacefully the weekend before Easter, but it didn’t matter, we had no real agenda other than to enjoy ourselves and see Charleston and Rodmell. Indeed, sad and careworn as I was feeling, Miranda’s empathy (she adored her Great-Uncle), the good cheerful company of two oldfashionedgirls and the bracing (it was freezing!) and restorative East Sussex air was the best medicine. I did, however, remember how to find Furlongs, Peggy Angus‘ home and inspiration for so much beautiful art by Christopher Brown, Edwin Smith and Eric Ravilious. We only saw the outside of course, but it still looked exactly “right” as if it had stepped out of the paintings and photos we have of it from the last century and materialized gracefully but solidly in this. You could appreciate how beautiful the house and setting were in every season, but the greys, browns and muted greens of such a cold Spring seemed particularly appropriate. I wonder if that beautiful wallpaper is still there?