Ripe for the Kindle

EWEN366Ian McCulloch as Ewen Cameron in 1960s tv version of The Flight of the Heron

Is it only me who regrets not being able to find D. K. Broster’s wonderful Jacobite Trilogy on Kindle? That and her Almond, Wild Almond are such fun and memorable reads. Broster had a very private, but interesting life according to this excellent article, and I confess to be puzzled as to why she has fallen into relative obscurity. The Flight of the Heron, The Gleam in the North and The Dark Mile are all historical tales of daring do and excellent, vivid characters, especially the Scottish Ewen and the English Keith Windham. Almond, Wild Almond is a lighter Romance, but set in the same period and with walk on parts by characters from the Jacobite books. Here the heroine, Bride Stewart, has an important and spirited role to play. The history was very carefully researched by Broster and apparently, on her death in 1950, the public was amazed she was neither male nor Scottish so convincing is the tale she wove.

Almond, Wild Almond

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