Friday Smiles

How nice it is this time of year to be up at 6am, but for the sun to be shining away. We had a good start to Friday Morning when my daughter was bopping around to this great Caro Emerald tune as she rushed to get ready and be off in time:

Other Friday fun to make me smile has been this Nathalie Lete plate (spotted on Anthropologie’s US website, but hopefully available here soon on the UK one with their other Nathalie Lete plates so it can go to the top of my wishlist):

Smile number three was for this great new cookbook by Alana Chernila which arrived in the post. I just sat down and read the first hundred pages I got so engrossed. I love the idea of eating at home almost entirely from food that you’ve made and preserved yourself and am now even inspired by her to have a go at making ricotta – something I’ve always been nervous of before. The author has chosen to share the recipes that work for her family and their simplicity and homemade goodness just make you want to have a go whether it’s canning vegetables or whipping up a batch of your own ketchup. Alana comes across as a funny and fun guide, and I can highly recommend her blog, Eating From the Ground Up, where you can get to know her and her recipes better.

And now I’m about to take a cup of coffee with my Kindle and go outside and sit and read one of my favourite children’s classics which never fails to make me smile: Edward Eager’s Magic by the Lake. It’s a great combination: 4 children, a summer by a lake and plenty of magic. It’s laugh out loud funny and endearing with wonderful illustrations by N M Bodecker which only add to the charm.

Image from here

4 thoughts on “Friday Smiles

  1. Another coincidence…Caro Emerald’s album is in my car’s cd player! I’ve been wearing it out since last November. You can’t possibly be in a grumpy mood with her music playing, I love it!

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